A downloadable Gaston Bug Finder for Windows

This game is my participation to Wowie2.0 challenge.

Theme was : Intentional bug and it is core of the game.

The principle is simple, you are a Bug Finder and you are thrown in a standard SuperMarioBros-like randomly bugged (each new game comes with differents bugs) and you need to interact with as much things as possibles to note where there are bugs.

Once you are dead, you will have to send your analyse to developer and you will get a result depending on if you saw the bugs and did not invent ones (indeed the result will always be 3/6 due to the lack of time).

A 1.2 level would be another ''well-known-game-like" (tetris, minecraft, zelda, ...) where other bugs are inserted and so on.

This was my first jam and I was alone on this one from scratch and I finish it at 3am ahaha : 1st day on the ideas as I did not have the opportunity to code. 2nd day coding some hours and drawing assets. 3rd day rushing code, music and finally publishing the game !

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The idea of your game is really great I think.
Your defenetly made something interessting with the theme.

For some feedback:
- Sometimes you woudn't make it to the end of the level and can't answer the questions.
- Is the a way to restart the game ? I coundn't find one. If not this could make it much easier for players enjoying your game to go through it once more.

For a first jam submission this is  well made.

Indeed it was the plan but I did not have the time to implement it. 

There are bugs generated on 10 elements : sky, clouds, entry wall, end wall, holes, ennemies, platforms, coins, sfx and music. 

Each element can be low-bugged, medium-bugged, high-bugged or not bugged at all. Some high-bugged elements (1% probability) would have to crash the game and there you got to pass directly to the question. Else you could play the game 3 times. 

The idea after is to do another level in a complete different form (in 3d for example, on a complete different theme,...) and to improve the game experience maybe not randoming the bugs, choosing the right combination.